“DAYAH, the voice of Coastal Women – KPPI ” is a regular news from Indonesian Coastal Women’s Union (Kesatuan Perempuan Pesisir Indonesia, KPPI). This is a space for fisherwomen to discuss everyday life. The name “Dayah” is taken from one of the most beautiful women in the world who now lives in heaven. She is not a fisherfolk, but faithfully serves knowledge, learns and accompanies fisherwoman with KNTI. Dayah, your energy inspires us to grow and care for the struggles of fisherwomen. We – KPPI perpetuates your spirit through this Bulletin ‘Dayah, the voice of Coastal Women’. The contents of Dayah are collected from news posts, photos, and daily conversations of fisherwomen which are then deepened by interviews. Unlike the others, Dayah is published in the form of an info sheet which is distributed to members of KPPI and @perempuan pesisir and is bundled into a bulletin which is published twice per month. The first edition of Dayah describes who and what fisherfolk do based on the knowledge and experience of fisherwoman. Happy reading!

24 Hours with Fisherwomen

Who Are The Fishermen?